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Shop Bathroom and Home Goods and Decor in L.A

Trove Is Your Source for One-of-a-Kind Home Goods That Will Transform Your Bathroom
We would like to extend a warm welcome to Trove Vintage & modern Thrift, your one-stop store in Los Angeles for everything vintage and modern. 

Our pride is in carefully selecting a wide variety of one-of-a-kind things, and our collection of bathroom-related home goods is no exception to this rule. You'll discover something one-of-a-kind at Trove, regardless of whether you're trying to completely transform the aesthetic of your bathroom or just want to infuse it with a little more personality.

Shop Bathroom Room Home Goods and Decor in L.A

Your bathroom needs to be an area that combines coziness and elegance. At Trove, we realize the significance of having a bathroom that has been thoughtfully designed, and all of our curated home items are intended to take your space to the next level. 


We have a broad variety of alternatives available to cater to a variety of preferences and price points, ranging from art deco vanities and antique mirrors to contemporary shower curtains and innovative storage solutions.

Where Classic Allure Confronts Sophisticated Style

Trove is distinguished from its competitors by the fact that we are committed to creating a one-of-a-kind combination of vintage allure and current style. You'll have the ability to design a bathroom that is uniquely you thanks to the seamless combination of the greatest features of both worlds that our collection offers. You'll discover something to pique your interest here that will inspire you, whether the classic beauty of antique items or the clean lines of modern design are more your style.

Explore Our Selection of Bathroom-Related Home Goods

Antique Dressing Mirrors

Your bathroom will have more personality and charm with the addition of an antique mirror that serves as a focal point. Everything in between may be found in our selection, from elegant frames made of plated metal to rustic mirrors made of wood. Find the ideal mirror that will go with the rest of your décor and help you to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Vanities in the Art Deco Style

Take pleasure in the glitz and glamor of days gone by with our art deco vanities. Your bathroom will feel more like an old Hollywood set with the addition of these sophisticated items, which include geometric patterns, rich finishes, and enough storage space. Add a dash of timeless elegance to your regular routine to take it to the next level.


Innovative Solutions for Storage

With the help of our cutting-edge storage solutions, you can maintain a clean, clutter-free environment in your bathroom. We provide shelves, cabinets, and organizers that have a modern design that is both sleek and seamless in appearance. Put away the clutter and welcome in a more functional and attractive bathroom by doing so.


Luxury at an Affordable Price

At Trove, we adhere to the philosophy that everyone ought to have the opportunity to purchase reasonably priced luxury goods. Because of this, we strive to maintain reasonable rates across the board for all of our household items. We take great care in sourcing our things, checking to see that each component is in pristine shape and all set to contribute to the visual appeal of your bathroom.


Wrap Yourself in Luxuriousness with Bath Linens

Nothing adds more to the ambiance of ease and relaxation that should be found in a bathroom than the bath linens that we have chosen after great consideration. Our selection includes towels, hand towels, and washcloths in a wide range of textured patterns and color palettes, and the styles range from antique to modern. After each bath or shower, indulge in opulence with our plush and absorbent sheets and make yourself at home.


The Bath Mat: A Step Into Fashion

Our one-of-a-kind bath mats will do wonders for the overall look of your bathroom. The contemporary designs of our mats ooze sophisticated elegance, while the historical patterns provide a touch of nostalgia to the space. When you enter your bathroom, you can be certain that you will be stepping upon both style and comfort thanks to the variety of sizes and materials that Trove LA provides to meet your needs.


Dispensers: Where Function and Aesthetics Meet

Our dispenser series will bring your bathroom's functionality to a whole new level. Antique soap dispensers provide a dash of allure to the bathroom, while the modern alternatives we offer are streamlined and practical. Whether you're looking for a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, or a lotion pump, Trove LA offers a variety of alternatives that combine form and purpose in a way that's seamless.


Solutions for Organization: Getting Rid of Clutter in Style


A tranquil bathroom is one that is devoid of clutter. Trove LA has a variety of modern additions to antique organizing options, so you can keep your bathroom neat and elegant with their help. Examine our shelves, storage baskets, and one-of-a-kind wall-mounted organizers in order to reduce the amount of clutter in your area and make the most of the available room.


Why Sustainability is Important

We are not just concerned with appearance; we are also dedicated to environmental responsibility. There is less of a need for fresh manufacture since so many of our historical items have a long and interesting history and have withstood the test of time. If you decorate your bathroom with antiques, you are not only adding character, but you are also helping to create a greener future for generations to come.


Visit Us Today!

Are you prepared to make over your bathroom with one-of-a-kind home goods? Stop by the Los Angeles location of Trove Vintage & Contemporary Thrift right now! Our shop is a veritable treasury of options, and the helpful employees here are always ready to lend a hand to customers in the pursuit of finding fitting accessories for their bathrooms.


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