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How Shopping at Consignment Thrift Stores Helps Lower Your Credit Card Bills

At TROVE, we love new beginnings and the start of a new year is the ultimate clean slate. With the dawn of a new year, so comes the start of new year resolutions and a renewed focus on our most important priorities, but it can also come with something else - credit card bills!

Oh, the joy of holiday shopping and finding the perfect treasure for your closest friends and acquaintances. We all tend to throw caution to the wind when it comes to holiday gift shopping, and the allure of finding the perfect present can sometimes cloud our spending judgment. If you didn’t thrift the ideal gift and source it at TROVE, chances are greater that you may have overspent.

With the holiday credit card statements pouring in, getting ourselves in gear for home organization, closet cleaning, working out, and eating keto or whatever you’re resolved to do this year feels more challenging.

If only there were a way to achieve a new year’s resolution and chip away at those holiday bills. Of course, you know TROVE has the solution!

Most people now understand the value of thrifting and finding incredible value at shops like TROVE. Even the most remedial math students among us can easily conclude that shopping at up to 90% off retail is better than paying full price.

Who doesn’t love buying a cashmere sweater, new with tags, for less than thirty bucks? Or find one of our signature treasures on our five-dollar rack? Don’t start on the home goods finds that can turn your house into a home without looking like a tedious catalog.

Did you know, however that not only is TROVE the smartest place in town to shop, but it’s also the smartest and easiest way to earn money too? Consignment, especially in Los Angeles, is the best side hustle out there, and the benefits are beyond anything you can find in the gig economy.

Forget about lugging strangers here and there in your car or renting out a spare bedroom to noisy tenants, or dropping off smelly supper from the local greasy spoon…the cash is literally in your closet!

Everyone wants Marie Kondo in their drawers and have joy sparks oozing from their slim, velvet hangers. Who wouldn’t want to open their tee shirt drawer to an origami rainbow of calm? But it’s a lot of work to go through each piece you own and discard, donate or fold like a pro.

The benefit we have all been told of is the serenity that comes with all of that work. You can reap the zen rewards of organized drawers and earn money. Yes, make real money you can spend on more fun organizing bins, lattes, and even more significant purchases.

Sometimes you might not realize all of the potentials in home goods and clothing that you no longer find joyful. While it’s true that some items have run their course and are best in the donation pile, so many things that you may otherwise have donated can help you earn some much-needed cash.

At TROVE, we are all for charitable giving, which is why we donate thousands of items and dollars to charity each year. We spend a lot of time throughout the year evaluating how to spread our charitable efforts.

We are proud to donate to local schools, children’s charities, local animal charities, and other nonprofits doing amazing things worldwide. We encourage all consignors and customers alike to donate their time, effort, and unwanted items in the ways that make the most sense for their situations.

Sometimes, however, things like clothing, home goods, or gifts can drive a lot of value on the resale market, and TROVE is here to help you reap the benefits. Most new consignors tell us that they had no idea that we accepted such a variety of brands and items, and they are shocked at the monthly payments they are receiving from the sale of their unwanted items!

How do Consignment Shops in Los Angeles Work?

Consignment can feel overwhelming when you google resale shops near me or thrift stores near me. How do you know which items will work at which type of shop? Will you be going from place to place and burning through your gas budget to find the perfect place for each item to maximize its chance of selling?

The best part of consigning at TROVE is that we are a one-stop shop for everything in your home! Except for large furniture, we take nearly every category of goods that fill your home. Maybe this week you empty your closet, and next week you go through your pantry, and the following day you are energized to clear out your china cabinet or discard small decor that no longer suits your style. It can all go to the same place!

TROVE makes consigning super easy and seamless. Once you sign up as a consignor, you can bring your items any day, whenever we are open. Sometimes the energy to organize hits us, and we are off at full speed and tackling all the projects at once, but other times we want to chip away at little bits here and there. Whatever method works for you, TROVE is there to help you earn.

Unlike some competitors, TROVE does not focus exclusively on designer and LUXE brands for consignment. We will gladly sell your Chanel, but we sell tons of clothing and accessories from Banana Republic, J. Crew, Zara, and every brand. Some brands that one customer may consider basics, another customer considers a higher-end brand. We happily serve the gamut of customers.

TROVE also does not cater to one set of fashion trends. In Los Angeles, it is easy to find a resale or thrift shop catering to one particular style trend. To the surprise of many consignors, we do not focus on trends for one specific age group or type. We sell stylish clothes that meet every style out there.

What one group may consider an out-of-style set of jeans from back in the day, another group of cutting-edge trendy customers is seeking out. Who knew that a major trend in 2022 would be jeans from 2002? Every day we hear from consignors that they would never be caught wearing X, Y, or Z, and minutes later, a customer asks if we carry the same thing.

Regardless of your current style, at least a handful of items are waiting in your closet to be accepted and sold at TROVE.

Knowing what to Donate or Take to a Consignment Shop

At TROVE, we curate on the condition first. As part of our mission to create a retail experience in the resale world, we load our racks with items that are in clean and excellent condition or better. Some things are too far gone to be considered in perfect condition, and those are ready for your donation pile. Stained garments, extremely pilled sweaters, moth-eaten fabrics, and yellowed whites are prepared to get on the donation express.

Any items that are new with tags are an obvious choice for consignment. Pro-tip - you may want to try to return some of these items if they have a store tag on them. You would be shocked at the generosity of some extensive chain return policies!

But what about all of those items in between new with tags and damaged? A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way regarding the condition. Don’t forget rule #1 of consignment - the better the condition, the better the chance the item is accepted, and the more money you earn!

How to Increase your Consignment Earnings


Be sure to de-pill using a sweater shaver or even a razor being careful not to get too razor happy. Typical areas that benefit the most from de-pilling include under the sleeves and at the cuffs! Less than 5 minutes, and your sweater is good as new and ready for acceptance at TROVE!


If you are not already obsessed with the magic eraser sponges for cleaning your home, you will be a fan after trying these on the white rubber soles of your favorite slipons and lace ups! A 30-second sponge swath does wonders to raise the value of your secondhand shoes. (Be sure to spot-test first.)


Did you know that home goods are one of TROVE’s best-selling categories? Probably because they always fit! Increase your selling odds dramatically by wiping each piece down with a damp cloth to ensure it is free of debris, dirt, and dust.


Another fantastic seller at TROVE is jewelry. From costume to fine, we sell it all. A simple tip to boost your jewelry sales - make sure all earrings have backings, jewelry is tarnished free and all closures are in working order. If you have lots of sterling pieces, we recommend silversmith cloth to polish up your pieces. Skip the messy silver polish and get one of these:

So how much money can you expect to earn?

TROVE consignment earnings are primarily driven by how many items you consign. Each month we send payments out from $50 to several thousand dollars. The more you consign, the more you earn. We recommend you come to TROVE and walk around to see the variety of items we carry. You can also get a sense of specific price points for particular items.

The highest-earning consignors are usually not focused on the price of individual items and look at their consignment earnings as a whole. TROVE will price all of your items to maximize your return because that also maximizes TROVE’s return. We have the same incentive.

Sometimes consignors think this means that we maximize the selling price we assign an item but pricing an item at a very high price will minimize your return. As in, it won’t sell.

How does TROVE know how to price my items?

TROVE uses a sophisticated, proprietary pricing tool that determines the fair market value of each item. Trust us! We got this!

If you are ready to get earning, come by TROVE today. There is no appointment necessary and the wait time for consignment is usually minimal. We are excited for you to start earning and look forward to partnering with you on this lucrative adventure!

P.S. If you are a professional organize, real estate seller, PR rep - please ask about our affiliate program! Inquire at

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