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Spring Cleaning Guide: Revitalize Your Home and Life

Spring is upon us and with the enchanting scent of night-blooming Jasmine lining the streets of Los Angeles, comes the urge to fling open the curtains, grab the broom and label maker and get to work.

With the rush of energy and visions of Pinterest-worthy vision boards of magically folded drawers and pristine pantry shelves, comes the inevitable sense of overwhelm. Where to start? How did everything get so messy in the first place? Fret not - TROVE is here to help give your house, condo, or apartment a fresh feel and offer you a new lease on life - or at least a how-to-guide.

Spring cleaning is so much more than clearing cobwebs off of never seen cupboard corners. Most of us are pretty good at staying on top of cleanliness and there are countless tomes written by better authors than TROVE about drain cleaning and caulking patching and all of the things that are supposed to be done semi-annually.

May we recommend the Queen Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook? While TikTok can offer lots of life hacks and mind-numbing entertainment, sometimes a reference book is what’s required and no one does it better than the recent Sports Illustrated cover girl herself. Remember when in doubt, Martha knows best.

Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

Lay the Groundwork for Success

It is important to prepare yourself and your house for a good spring cleaning session before beginning the cleaning process. Take the following steps:

Make a Cleaning Checklist

Begin by making a complete list of all the locations and chores you wish to address. This will keep you organized and guarantee that no part of your house is overlooked.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

Stock up on cleaning essentials including all-purpose cleansers, microfiber cloths, gloves, brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners. Having everything on hand saves time and makes the process go more smoothly.

Clear the Clutter

Get Rid of Extraneous Clutter

Clutter saps your vitality and makes your living area seem claustrophobic. Take advantage of this chance to tidy and create a more tranquil environment:

Sort and categorize: Begin by categorizing your possessions as "keep," "donate/sell," and "discard." Be honest with yourself and discard goods you no longer use or need.

Focus on One Room or Area at a Time

To prevent feeling overwhelmed, concentrate on one room or area at a time. Begin with smaller areas such as closets or drawers before progressing to bigger ones.

To prevent feeling overwhelmed, concentrate on one room or area at a time. Begin with smaller areas such as closets or drawers before progressing to bigger ones. Think of each room as steps to your own personal Everest. You can conquer the clutter but it takes time to get to the summit. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a 10-minute break. Do a bunch of jumping jacks or have an impromptu dance party and remember that sometimes the storm comes before the calm!

Find a Second home for your Unwanted Goods

One of the best feelings is when you can cart away your unwanted goods. The urge to toss everything and be done is real but remember how much money you can earn by consigning your gently used items and that pile of things you bought online and forgot to return.

Consignment can be a serious income-generating activity for people and depending on the size of your clean-out, you can reward yourself handsomely after all of this hard work with your consignment payout.

At TROVE we have sent 5 figure checks to some folks in just a month so don’t rush the last step! It is worth making the stop at TROVE near Santa Monica and Westwood in West Los Angeles or your local consignment store. At TROVE we take clothing, accessories, home goods, jewelry, and more so it is truly a one-stop shop for your gently used and like new items.

Restore the Sparkle

After you've decluttered, it's time to thoroughly clean and arrange each space. For a new and attractive living area, follow these steps:

Vacuum and dust

Begin by dusting surfaces, furniture, and difficult-to-reach locations. To eliminate dust, debris, and allergies from the floors, vacuum or sweep them.

Clean Windows and Mirrors

To make your windows and mirrors gleam, use a streak-free glass cleaner. Remember to clean the frames and sills as well. Clean your countertops, clean your appliances, and arrange your pantry. Instead of throwing out expired foods, try donating unopened nonperishables to local food banks.

Disinfect surfaces, clean the bathtub and shower and arrange toiletries for bathroom bliss. Replace old towels and bathmats with new ones to create a clean and pleasant environment. Wash your sheets, fluff your pillows, and arrange your closet. Consider giving gently used apparel and accessories to Los Angeles thrift shops that benefit community projects.

Recharge Your Batteries

Accept Positive Energy

Spring cleaning is more than simply cleaning up physical places; it's also a chance to reset your perspective and attract good energy into your life:


Be totally present at the moment while you clean and arrange. Accept thankfulness for what you have and the chance to build a more peaceful living environment.

Make a Personal Sanctuary

Create a spot in your house where you can rest and unwind. Fill it with things that make you happy, such as aromatic candles, plants, or inspiring literature.


Maintain the Good Vibes

After you've worked hard to spring clean your home and life, it's critical to preserve the cleanliness and organization:

Daily routines

Establish basic routines such as making your bed, cleaning dishes immediately after use, and returning objects to their proper locations. These tiny efforts make a significant impact in keeping your house neat. Create a weekly or monthly cleaning routine to keep on top of duties and avoid clutter from building up again.

Set Up Consign at TROVE Boxes or Bags in Key Areas

A great way to stay on top of your new sanctuary is to put a sturdy box or bag or hamper in each closet in your home.

When you are in your closet and realize a top or dress just is not working for you, you can fold it in the Consign at TROVE box and when the box is full, bring it in! The same goes for your living room and kitchen too.

TROVE accepts home goods and home decor so when that china pattern is just not working with your new paint color or those table linens someone gave you as a gift just are not your style, you know you can put them in your “Consign at TROVE” box.

TROVE accepts items 7 days a week and we look forward to working with you as you usher in this new sense of peace. “Serenity Now!”


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